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www.livestockwatererrepair.com is a site that has brought together 30 years of research, in the field, the highest quality repair parts for every style of Automatic livestock waterer, bowl, tank and trough manufactured, today, in the world. We don’t just supply parts from every manufacturer specifically due to the fact that you are looking to repair yours it may not be the best part to put back. We have field tested the parts on this site, all of which are generic, in pens with horses, cattle, exotic animals and even dogs.

When you’re the person out there in -20F or 105F, on your hands and knees, all you want to do is get the waterer repaired as quickly as possible and hopefully for a long time. That was our goal in choosing the parts we sell on this site. We have the exact parts or replacements for Ritchie, Franklin, Brower, Hawkeye, Behlen, Trojan, Edstrom, Canarm, Edwards, Cancrete, Hedstrom, Johnson, Peterson, Bohlmann and any other you can think of!! Shipping is same day as an order is received or you will be notified immediately.


You can ask us a question by e-mailing [email protected] or call (866) 789-3336 (toll free).